Bowie Knife and what you need to know about it

What is a Bowie Knife?

Designed and created by Colonel James Bowie and James Black respectively, the original Bowie knife is a huge part of the legend of the Old West and was certainly made famous by Jim Bowie during the Sandbar fight in Mississippi in 1827. What makes a Bowie knife different from the others is that it has curved sharp points and is a double-edged blade knife. 

It is considered as the most functional knife ever made and was used in the films Rambo and Crocodile Dundee by the actors.

What are its uses?

The Bowie knife in the earlier times was used as a self defense weapon but it can be used for hunting, butchering and skinning meat purposes. The knife can act as a great survival tool due to its multi-functional uses such as cutting wood and scaling fish. 

The dimension of the Bowie knife

There are a lot of different types of bowie knives available in the market today which are appropriate for many survival scenarios. 

The saw-tooth, or single-edged Bowie knives are modernized accordingly with more complex compositions. Whatever the material may be, there are some factors that must be there in a Bowie knife to make it unique from the rest of the knives. If you are looking to buy one then consider the below given points to understand the arrangements and compositions better. 

  • Material. Bowie knives are all about durability, functionality, and strength and therefore you must opt for a carbon steel or stainless steel knife with a razor sharp blade that can retain its edge greatly.
  • Weight. The Bowie knives are handy because of their balanced weight. They are heavy enough to help you with certain tasks such as fishing, hunting, cutting or skinning. With that, the weight should also not be more than appropriate that may decrease the mobility or functionality of the knife.
  • Length. The length of a Bowie knife should be at least 6-inches long. The ideal Bowie knives are longer than 6 inches with a sharp blade.
  • Tang. Bowie knives are heavy so to let the users experience the full tang, if you get one without the tang it must be made for the display piece.
  • Sheath. To support the knife and the movement of the user’s hand, it is important to select a sheath that is comfortable as well as a feeling in designs. Always pick one with leather or synthetic sheath for increased comfort.

Types of Bowie knives

With modernizing and customizing there are so many different models of Bowie knives, some of them are given below.

  • Old West Bowie knife– usually bought as a collector’s item
  • Alamo Bowie knife– it is a replica of the original Bowie knife
  • Winchester large Bowie knife– kept as a showpiece
  • Bear and sons Damascus American Bowie knife– generally used for hunting

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