Are portable infrared heaters safe to use at home?


Infrared heaters have now become an essential device for heating your home. This is the most cost effective appliance which takes care of your comfort in winters. But here is a catch! There are questions in consumers’ mind regarding its safety.

Are infrared heating panel safe to use?

Yes, they are safe to use. Infrared heating works in the same way as that of sunlight. These heater radiations heat up the objects or persons instead of air. Thus infrared heating panels are safe to use and natural. Such type of heating is much effective than that of traditional heating procedure.

To make it easy for you to understand much about infrared heaters, this blog has given the format of frequently asked questions.

What is the working of infrared heaters?

If you have sat in a cold condition in your patio, and suddenly felt the warmth after switching on the infrared heater, then I am sure you might have got the relief you were looking for. As discussed earlier, the working process of infrared radiations is same as that of sunlight, completely natural and safe. Such type of heating process is also employed in your microwave. However unlike sunlight, continuous usage of infrared heater will never give you sunburn.

Is it safe to use infrared heaters?

Although radiations, invisible heat all such things may sound scary to you, but no worries infrared heating is safe for us, as it doesn’t contain UV rays. Below are some of the dangers which are associated not only with infrared heaters but also with common space heaters:

  • Never touch the hot exterior of infrared heater. Such accident is possible if you have young kids or pets. In such case, mount your heater on the wall or use cool-to-touch exterior.
  • Dangerous if damaged. If you heater is intact then it is completely safe to use, but never use the damaged piece. Like any other heating device, ensure that the heater’s body is not knocked and if you find some cracks in the body, get it checked with professionals.
  • Possible fire hazards. If unknowingly your kid place inflammable object near heater, then it will be dangerous. Follow good practices and never keep any object in front of the heater.

Tips for using Portable wifi controllable infrared heater safely

  • Take care of power cord: Damaged power cable is the main reason of home fires. Ensure that the power cable is not stretched throughout the room, as long stretching can cause wear and tear in the cable.
  • Keep a check on your smoke alarm: Although most of us to do this on regular basis, but still make it a habit to check its functionality frequently.
  • Use a grounded outlet: There are infrared heaters which consume much power. For such heaters you must give a grounded outlet.
  • Check the safety features of your heater: Any model of infrared heaters comes with two types of safety protection. These two protections are namely tip-over protection (if heater falls down), and overheat protection.
  • Safety-certified heaters: If you really want to ensure safety of your heater, then check its certification by approved association

Is it safe to leave infrared heater ‘ON’ at night?

In general, it is safe to leave infrared heater ‘ON’ overnight. Most of the modern infrared heaters come with automatic cut-off, in case the temperature goes beyond the safety level. But still it is advisable to use the heater carefully during night time.

I must suggest that you should use timer to automatically turn off the heater after a certain time at night. It is a great idea if you need the room warmer for sometime during night.

What are the health benefits of infrared heaters?

There are many reasons to use infrared heaters in your home. Such heaters avoid formation of mold on walls, as they directly keep the walls dry. Mold formation usually happens because of moist cold walls. As infrared never heats up the air, it retains the humidity in the room. Conventional heaters result in dry air which can make you feel tired and sluggish. Also infrared heater is more suitable for consumers using contact lens, as infrared never makes your retina dry.

In infrared heaters, instead of air, objects get heated, hence this process avoid circulation of dust in the room which is a good thing for people having allergies.

Can we use infrared heater as a therapeutic appliance?

The answer is NO. Although these heaters are designed to provide the warmth in the best possible manner, it can’t be used as a therapy. This device simply overcomes the challenges which conventional heaters were facing. Sure, the comfort it provides can give you some kind of relief, but you must consult a doctor for actual treatment.


I hope from this blog, you might have understood that Portable wifi controllable infrared heaters are much safe to use. These heaters can be moved from one place to another without any risk. So, if you want to feel the natural warmth in your room, go with portable infrared heater in this winter.


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