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Good News – NATO Nih Russia A Phomh Colh Cang Lai Hih

NATO Article 4 Arhli Akhuang cang lai

Russian Missiles cu Poland ram chung ah a tla, Poland minung pahnih an thi.

Poland cu NATO chungtel ram pakhat a si.

NATO Art 4 ah hi ti hin a ti:

NATO chungtel a simi pohpoh himnak, ram uknak lei zalonnak, asiloah ramri lei diknak hrocer, tlerh a ton/ a si tik poh ah chungtel dangdang ruahnak kha ruahnak hal cheuhnak a tuah lai ti a si.

(The Parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened.)

Cucaah Poland nih NATO chungtel dangdang kha ruahnak halnak a tuah colh hna lai tiah ka ruah.

Poland ramchung tiang hriamnak a luhnak kong ah “timh ciammam zong a si kho, tlak sual accident zong a si kho, etc…”

Ni tlompal ah NATO nih Russia cungah zeitindah biahalnak, bialehnak, etc… a hun tuah zau lai dah!

Article 4 NATO Arhli hi Taik ciat sisehlaw ka duh. Lai arhli si lo in.Credit-Thawng Za Pum FB



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