Nan Pu Henry Van Thio Nih Suu Kyi Cu A Rawiphir Cang Ko

Myanmar's President Win Myint (R), State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi (C) and Vice President Henry Van Thio (L) wear face masks after their photo session during the opening ceremony of the 4th Union Peace Conference (21st Century Panglong) at the Myanmar International Convention Center (2) in Naypyidaw on August 19, 2020. (Photo by Thet Aung / AFP)

Aung San Su Kyi Taza Cuainak Kong Ah Pu Henry Van Ṭhio Cu Tehte Ah An Auh

Rampi ruahnak petu Aung San Su Kyi cu eihmuarnak case in SAC nih taza an cuai caah Vice President hlun Henry Van Ṭhio nih December 12 ah tehte dirhmun in bia a chimpiak, tiah biaceih zung he naihniam in a ummi hna sinin theih a si.

Kokek harnak kong ah runvennak committee tangka in Helicopter cawknak le hlannak ah Aung San Su Kyi nih eihmuarnak a tuah, tiin SAC nih taza an cuai hi a si. Cu caan lio i Helicopter cawknak le hlannak ah nawlngeitu bik cu Henry Van Ṭhio a rak si, tiah theih a si.

Aung San Su Kyi ca ah tehte in a dirmi Henry Van Ṭhio nihcun Helicopter cawknak le hlannak kong he pehtlai in upadi ning le zulhphung ning in ka phuan, tiah a chim.

Aung San Su Kyi cu case number 46, 47,48,49 le 50 case a ngei i nihin December 12 ah case 46, 47 le 48 an check piak dih, case pahnih a taang rih, tiah Henry Van Ṭhio nih cun a chim.

SAC nih nawlngeihnak an lak hnu in NLD hruaitu upa vialte cu SAC ralkap nih an rak tlaih dih hna i, Henry Van Ṭhio tu cu a rian tlaihmi Vice President dirhmun in a um ko i an tlai lo, tiah theih a si.

Aung San Su Kyi cu case 19 in SAC nih taza an cuai i case 14 ca ah kum 26 thong thlak dingin bia an khiahpiak, tiah theih a si.Credit-Thechinpost

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