Naypidaw Checkgate Pi An Luhhnawh Cang.

Naypidaw Checkgate an kah ralhrang bawi pakhat an thah khawh i a dang pahnih hliamhma an pu tiah theih a si.

Naypidaw Oktharahthirih peng Shwenanthar sang V4 lam ah a um mi SAC rqlhrang checkgate pakhat cu mipi ralkap pawl nih an luhhnawh hna i an kah hna caah polik bawi pakhat an thah khawh hnu ah a dang pahnih hliam an tuar tiah theih a si.

Mah Naypidaw Checkgate kahnak cu Naypidaw Phahkahphah le Layway peng mipi ralkap PDF nih Dwcwmber 19 zan suimilam 10 pm tluk ah an kah tiah theih a si.

SAC ralhrang polik bawi pakhat an thah khawh i a dang polik pahnih fakngai in hliam an tuar” tiah Naypidaw PDF nih cathanh an chuah. Ref- People Spring

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