Mipi Ralkap PDF nih Ralhrang sakhan pakhat an lak, Uico ralhrang 30 an kah thah hna

Tanse, Ngeyuasin Pyusawthi ralhrang sakhan cu mipi ralkap PDF nih an lak khawh i ralhrang 30 an thah hna PDF pasaltha pakhat nunnak a liam.

Sagaing ramthen Tanhse peng Ngeyusin khua i SAC ralhrang kuttang Pyusawhti sakhan cu mipi ralkap PDF nih an luhhnawh hna i an kah hna hnu ah ralhrang le Pyusawhti 30 tluk an thah khawh hna hnu ah sakhan cu an lak khawh. Mipi ralkap PDF lei in pakhat nunnak a liam tiah theih a si.

January 3 zingka suimilam 2am tluk in sakhan cu an luhhnawh. Mah sakhan laknak ah Mipi ralkap PDF phu hna nih ralhrang lei hriamnam cheukhatvle kuan an lakiak khawh hna tiah theih a si.

Mah sakhan kahnak ah aa telmi mipi ralkap PDF phu hna cu Shwebo pengkomh tatyin 6, 9, 12 le Tanhse pakahphah i bawmh in an kahmi a si tiah theih a si.

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