SAC ralhrang Motor 2 Bomb An puah hnawh , Ceilak an thah hna

Tatmah 33 ralhrang pawl an i telnak motor bomb in an puah caah ralhrang panga an thah khawh hna.

Sagiang hrambunh SAC ralhranv tatmah 33 ralhrang pawl an i citmi motor pahnih hna cu Minmoe khuapi le Wampih khuate karlak ah zingka suimilam 6am tluk ah bomb in an puah hnawh i ralhrang panga an thi tiah theih asi.

Motor pahnih in an rak ral i bomb in kan puah hnawh hna. Kan va zoh hna tik ah a hmun cu An thi lawngte an si. Mah zat an thi timi cu pawngkam hna nih an kan chimh tiah People’s Army To Fight Dictatorship(PAFD) chungtel pakhat nih a chim.

Mah tatmah ralhrang 33 motor pahnih a puah hnawhtu hna hi People’s Army To Fight Dictatorship(PAFD) tatkhuai DK PDF(MMU)၊ People’s Knight Defense Force Myinmu (PKDF-MMU)၊ TAUNGTHA People Defense Force(TTAPDF)၊ D.B.B.F.MMU PAFD) an si tiah theih a si. Ref:RedNewsAgency

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