Good News- CDF Mindat Nih Ralhrang An Hun Phomh Than Ko cang

SAC ralhrang rallam sialtu pawl cu CDF-Mindat nih an phomh ciaman hna i ralhrang uico pakhat an thah. Hliamtuar tampi he hmai fong ngam ti lo in hnu an kir hna i mi sawhsawh pakhat ralhrang nih an thah tiah theih a si.

No.3 hmunhma chungah ralhrang uico pawl cu rallam sial in an lut i CDF Mindat nih an rak phomh hna. Ralhrang uico pakhat cu an thah. Cheukhat hliamtuar an tami caah hmai fong ngam ti lo in hnu an kir than. Lampi ah mi sawhsawh pakhat an kah thah ti a si.

Rallam an sialnak hmun lei poah ah ralhrang nih a tulio Phone line le internet an phit dih in vanral le hriamngan in hehcheh an kah tiah theih a si. Cucaah mipi pawl nih an i thuhnak khur i cawh cio ding in CDF Mindat nih thanhnak an tuah.

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