China Le India Cu Min Aung Hlaing an tanhtuk Ruangah Norway Nih An mualpho Hna

SAC Sin Ah Hriamthil A Zuarhtu China Le India Company Pawl Cu Norway Commonwealth Fund In Chuah An Si

Myanmar sin ah hriamthil an zuarh ruang ah China le India ram in company pahnih cu Norway Commonwealth Fund phu nih riantuannak ding ca i chiahmi hrambunhnak(investment) cazin in hnon an si tiah Central Bank of Norway nih a thanh.

China in AviChina Industry & Technology le India ram in Bharat Electronic cu International Regulations phung an buar i Myanmar ram ah hriamthil an zuarmi cu kan cohlan lo caah a tubantuk in hmalaknak kan tuah hi a si tiah Central Bank of Norway nih cun a langhter.

A luancia kum hnih ah Daw Aung San Su Kyi cozah cu á¹­humhthlak in hramhram uknak a chut tu Myanmar ralkap sin ah China, AviChina company nih 2021, December thla ah raltuknak vanlawng a rak kuat.

India in Bharat Electronics company nih 2021, July thla ah SAC ralkap sin ah hriamnam pawl a rak kuat tiah theih a si.

Central Bank of Norway nih China le India company cung ah a tu bantuk in hmalaknak a tuah hi group nih a ngeih mi zulhphung a buar caah a si. Credit- Thechinpost

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