Min Aung Hlaing Vava A Tum Taktak Cang Ko Lai. A Lo bak ko

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FILE – Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar’s armed forces, Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing delivers his speech at the IX Moscow conference on international security in Moscow, Russia, June 23, 2021. Myanmar’s military-controlled government has enacted a new law on registration of political parties that will make it difficult for opposition groups to mount a serious challenge to army-backed candidates in a general election set to take place later this year. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, Pool, File)

SAC Ralkap Ca ah Vanlawng Datsi A Zuarhtu Company Hna Cu UK Nih Phihkhamnak An Tuah Hna. SAC ralkap nih vanlawng hmangin ramchung lila ah tualchung mi hna cu bomb in an thlakhnawh hna caah SAC ralkap vanlawng datsi a zuarhtu Company hna cu UK nih phihkhamnak a tuah hna, tiah theih a si.

Trading Company Limited Le COMMODITIES CONNECTION Company Limited nih SAC ralkap vanlawng ca ah datsi an zuarh tawn hna i cu company cu UK cozah nih phihkhamnak an tuah hna, tiah British Embassy Yangon nih a ṭial.UK cozah lutlai pakhat James Cleverly nih cun, “SAC ralkap vanlawng datsi a zuarhtu Company hna phihkhamnak kan tuahmi hna hi an tangka luhnak le hriamna hrampi luhnak a zorchukter deuh hrimhrim lai,” tiah a chim.

Anmah a dohtu pohpoh cu zohchia tuk in an thah hna pinah vanlawng in kahdohnak an tuah. Nuhrin covo tamtuk an buar caah an sual man cu an in hrimhrim a hau, tiah James Cleverly nih cun a chim.

Relchap. Dohthlennak Ah Aa Telmi CDM Tuahtu Cozah Rianṭuan Hna Cu Thlahlawh Tampi Pek Leng Ah Rank Kaiter An Si Lai – NUG. SAC ralkap uknak a doh i, CDM cawlcanghnak ah aa tel mi cozah rianṭuantu hna cu mipi ca ah ralṭha tein an dir ngam ti in NUG nih upat peknak cathanh a chuah.

Dohthlennak a dih hnu ah CDM tuahtu cozah rianáš­uan hna cu an rank kaiter an si lai tiah NUG nih nihin February 1 ah cathanh a chuah.2021, February 1 ah SAC nih phungning lo in uknak a lak thawk in, nihin ni tiang a dikmi lam lei ah raláš­ha tein a dir ngam i CDM cawlcanghnak ah aa tel mi cozah rianáš­uantu hna cu dohthlennak a dih hnu ah National Honors Medal pek an si lai tiah NUG nih cun an langhter.

CDM tuahtu hna nih, uknak a lak thawk in an rak áš­uanmi rank cu nihin February 1 thawk in reng khat kaiter an si lai tiah a langhter.Cun, nica in cozah rian a rak áš­uan i CDM cawlcanghnak ah aa telmi hna zong nihin thawk in cozah rianáš­uantu taktak ah fehter nan si tiah an langhter chih. SAC ralkap nih uknak a lak thawk in hlamlomi thlahlawh vialte zong dohthlennak a dih hnu ah a bu ning in pek nan si lai, tiah NUG cozah nih cun February 1 ah cathanh a chuah. Credit: The Chin Post.

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